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What kind of drill do you write?
We design custom drill written to currently published "complete show" marching band music. Music selections that have been arranged as part of a "complete show" connect and compliment each other more so than picking 3 or 4 unique arrangements and piecing them together. There are an abundance of great "theme shows" published to meet just about every possible need of a band program. We would be happy to make suggestions based upon the needs of your program.

Do you write drill to custom music arrangements?
Yes we can, but our availability is limited for drill design written to custom music. In addition, our fee is different. Please call us for availability and prices.

I won't know my exact number of marchers until closer to my band camp. How can I provide you with those numbers in advance?
In order for us to write your show in advance of your band camp, all we need is your best “guesstimate” of the number of performers in each section. We'll work together to establish timeframes of information compared to drill delivery so you're not spending your season with permanent "holes" in your drill.

How can you offer such low prices?
Many years of experience has given us efficient insight into writing a highly effective show geared to your band's proficiency level. We're (ok, I'm...) "small time" and don't carry any significant "overhead" costs.

When is payment expected for the drill design?
If you’re taking advantage of a spring discount, our fee won’t be due until your 2017-18 budget is available. We’ll send an invoice with a payment due date of 30 days after the start of your band camp.

What kind of payment do you take?
We will send you an invoice for submission to your district or boosters for payment. If needed, we are happy to follow through with necessary purchase order procedures. We do not accept credit cards at this point.

Can my band have competitive success with your drill?
Yes, and many bands have experienced increased competitive success with our product! There are many aspects of a marching band show that establish competitive success. In addition, there is a wide variety of different levels of competition throughout the country. Designers with many years of competitive success write our shows. As long as you choose the appropriate level of design for both your students’ abilities and the type of competitive field you enter, our product will support your students’ achievement level on the competitive field.

My band is non-competitive or just performs at football games and “festivals”. Will your drill design be too hard?
Our Starter, Novice, Basic, and Intermediate drills provide a variety of levels that work great for non-competitive bands. Our extensive experience with football, exhibition, or festival bands has given us great insight on smart construction that is just right for your students’ marching ability.

When should I contact you to write my show?
Contact us on the earliest possible date that allows you to devote a small amount of time to choosing a program. The sooner the better!

Do you sell musical arrangements?
At this time, we do not sell music.

Can you provide flag work/color guard work to go with your drill?
Possibly, call us for more details.

What is the best way to send scores?
Either hard copies of your scores sent through the U.S. Mail, or scores sent via email as pdf files.

Why should I buy a drill from The Marching Source as opposed to other companies or individuals?
Check out our video samples, read the testimonials, compare our prices, and know that you’ll be communicating directly with an experienced drill designer who is also a band director. We believe this combination will give you confidence in choosing The Marching Source!

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